Specialized Technical Programs

2TinCans encourages development and growth in all aspects of theatre production.

Through regular specialized technical training, discussions, collaborations, and actual theatre performances conducted by known experts in the various aspects of theatre arts, participants will be equipped with the proper knowledge on how to produce theatre performances at par with the professional theatre standard.


2TinCans offers short-term and certificate courses on the more technical aspects of musical theatre and other related disciplines, featuring local, national, and international teaching artists. Courses include:

  • Stage Direction
  • Technical Direction
  • Costume Design
  • Lighting Design
  • Make-up Design
  • Production Design
  • Production Management
  • Stage Management
  • Choreography
  • Playwriting
  • Other Theatre Arts Disciplines

{Weekends, evening, and seasonal}

Target Participants:
Aspiring artists, artists, and art managers



2TinCans provides a venue for seminars and discussions on issues that are relevant to the artists’ growth, development, and welfare, featuring experts and authority on various fields of theatre arts. Forum subjects include:

  • Licensing and Artists Copyright
  • Artists’ Welfare
  • Current Events-related
  • Professionalization
  • Artist Management
  • Other topics concerning artists and the theatre industry

{Weekends, evening, and seasonal}

Target Participants:
Theatre enthusiasts, aspiring artists, artists, and art managers




2TinCans serves as an incubator for experimental theatre performances. Here, original works can be produced in front of an intimate audience of theatre artists, professionals, and supporters, who could provide constructive and sound critique on a material’s prospects to be mounted on stage.  Arrangements include:

  • Script Reading
  • Workshop Performance of Musicals
  • Choreography
  • Collaborative Works
  • All other original theatre arts-related works

{Weekends, evening, and seasonal}

Critiques Circle {By invitation only}
Intimate Performances



Production of all types of performances such as musical theatre, plays, musical concerts, dance concerts, and other related materials.