Office Ensemble

Create a Song, a Dance

This immersive team experience works across the three key disciplines of drama: voice, movement, and song. The participants then draw on their newfound skills to create a final performance piece.

Expected outcomes:

  • Build trust and develop good listening skills
  • Understand effective team working and collaboration
  • Increase impact and awareness of individuals within a team
  • Encourage and celebrate creative thinking
  • Enhance meritocracy
  • Have fun and create a memorable shared experience

Skills workshops:

  • Voice – This focuses on the foundation skills of body, breath and voice. The participants learn tips and strategies for optimist their vocal performance, crucial to getting the best out of their final production and working in an ensemble.
  • Movement – This workshop helps participants explore a range of movement to accompany the song. It enables participants to maximize their physical presence while encouraging creative thinking through play.
  • Song – This workshop quickly gets the participants performing in harmony. The positive impact this has on a team is incredibly powerful, and draws upon the success of team performance, when applying good listening skills and support.

The whole process mirrors the rehearsal and production of a theatrical performance. Choreography and consultation is provided.



Our facilitators, also known as Teaching Artists, come from artistic and business backgrounds, and understand the challenges that face many organizations. By facilitating activities and discussions that encourage and inspire creativity, participants gain a durable set of experiences they can use in their day-to-day work environment.

2TinCans Theatre Lab has a strong team of professional and proficient facilitators headed by producing artistic director Sarah Mae Enclona-Henderson.



Our pricing depends on the number of participants, duration, and location of the workshop.

2TinCans Theatre Lab can accommodate a workshop for up to 50 participants. Sessions may be held on site, or on our studios. Travel, per diem, and accommodation costs (if necessary) will be added to the price for workshops outside Metro Cebu.

Workshops can be shaped for your group's specific needs and goals.

For a formal proposal and quote, contact us by clicking the link below. Please provide all necessary information (objectives, participants, venue, etc.)