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Creative Problem-Solving for Teams

This workshop aims to unify the individual members of a team by working together toward a common effect. The goal of this workshop is to create a seamless and cohesive whole, and is a powerful tool used to create a dynamic, focused theatre with groups of actors. This workshop will look at how teams function, and explore both the qualities of successful team leadership as well as techniques for effective co-working.

Expected outcomes:

  • Enhances capacity to respond effectively in the moment
  • Develop strategies to deliver successful interpersonal communication and identity different communication strategies
  • Methods to manage conflict successfully
  • Techniques to foster group spirit and focus a team towards a central goal or target

This workshop is great for energizing teams, building confidence, overcoming inhibitions, building teams and interpersonal relationships, developing diversity and inclusion, workplace problem-solving, and developing communication skills.



Our facilitators, also known as Teaching Artists, come from artistic and business backgrounds, and understand the challenges that face many organizations. By facilitating activities and discussions that encourage and inspire creativity, participants gain a durable set of experiences they can use in their day-to-day work environment.

2TinCans Theatre Lab has a strong team of professional and proficient facilitators headed by producing artistic director Sarah Mae Enclona-Henderson.



Our pricing depends on the number of participants, duration, and location of the workshop.

2TinCans Theatre Lab can accommodate a workshop for up to 50 participants. Sessions may be held on site, or on our studios. Travel, per diem, and accommodation costs (if necessary) will be added to the price for workshops outside Metro Cebu.

Workshops can be shaped for your group's specific needs and goals.

For a formal proposal and quote, contact us by clicking the link below. Please provide all necessary information (objectives, participants, venue, etc.)