Corporate Training

Trust. Communicate. Explore.

Theatre workshops aren’t just for actors – the basic theories behind the craft are proven to work wonders in the classroom, workplace, or personal relations. Drama and theatre are powerful, legitimate and natural means to assume roles of people and personalities that you need to be.

The 2TinCans Theatre Lab uses classic and modern performance methodologies and theatre exercises to convey the importance of effective communication and supportive teamwork. Using the same principles we use to train our company members and cast in performance and drama, our facilitators will show you and your organization the benefits of a focused and motivated team.

Learn to trust yourself and others, to communicate clearly with your team, to follow your instincts, and to react positively and proactively to challenges. Our corporate theatre workshops are affordable, interactive flexible, entertaining, and, above all, fun!

Through a series of interactive games, initiatives, and improvisational exercises, our workshops encourage groups to work together, problem solve, trust, communicate, accept, and explore. Workshops can be just for fun or entertainment, or more focused on specific areas where you would like to see improvement. We can bring our facilitators out to any location and we custom tailor the workshop based on the goals of the group.

The 2TinCans Theatre Lab corporate workshops empower employees, employers, and teams to:

  • Think creatively
  • Create a culture of collaboration, support, and motivation
  • Apply positive communication internally and externally
  • Explore complementary skill sets among the team
  • Discover a common purpose
  • Set performance goals
  • Stretch leadership styles and identities

While many learning goals are covered in the workshop, the primary focus is FUN! Laughter is a strong teacher and a memorable motivation. A team that enjoys each other’s contributions and discovers new things together, is a team destined for greatness.

We offer two distinct corporate workshop packages:

Company Call! – A program designed to unify various individuals into a cohesive team with a common goal.
Office Ensemble – Improve trust, conversation, and collaboration among team members with this program focusing on performance skills.

Company Call

Office Ensemble