Emotional Creature


Drama queen. Over the top. Attention-grabbing. Overreacting.

‘Emotional’ has been widely used in a negative context, especially in relation to women. Award-winning playwright Eve Ensler, the woman behind the critically-acclaimed The Vagina Monologues, redefines the word with her vibrant new masterpiece, Emotional Creature.

Emotional Creature is a theatrical piece that celebrates the secret life of girls around the world. Issues such as peer pressure, identity crisis, eating disorders, teenage pregnancy, child labor, human trafficking, depression, teenage suicide and mutilation take center stage in a musical that will take the audience in a roller coaster ride of emotions

Debuting in Cebu as part of V-Day Cebu 2014, Emotional Creature is a benefit performance for the Bidlisiw Foundation, Inc.


Maxi Bolongaita

Pami Estalilla

Andi Pateña-Matheu

Patty Taboada

Brazzy Valdez

Charlene Virlouvet