2TinCans Philippines

2tincans Philippines

Founded in 2014 by Sarah Mae Enclona-Henderson, 2TinCans Philippines, Inc. is Cebu's premier theatre communications company engaged in artistic production, performances, and professionalization. It offers top-of-the-line transformational and socially-relevant experiences that seek to communicate advocacies, brands, and campaigns. It also endeavors to provide a creative sanctuary and platform for artists, audience, and industry development.

With several productions under its belt, including Gugmang Giatay the Musical, The Vagina Monologues, Emotional Creature, and the upcoming musical Scharon Mani, 2TinCans Philippines, Inc. is regarded as Cebu’s comprehensive, professional theatre entity for artists of all ages and backgrounds.

2TinCans Theatre Co

The 2TinCans Theatre Co is the current pool of talent within 2TinCans Philippines. Besides performing in theatre productions, the troupe also produces entertainment for corporate clients and events. The Company is currently managed by Shiella Pestaño Gemperoa.

2TinCans Theatre Lab

The 2TinCans Theatre Lab is the educational and professionalization arm of 2TinCans Philippines, dedicated to holding theatre workshops, corporate training, team buildings, and seminar programs, among others. It is facilitated by the Teaching Artists, a passionate and dynamic team of creative professionals spearheaded by managing director Charlene Virlouvet.